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The Swedish Police Union is working to create favourable working conditions and employment terms for our members. Police officers who feel well physically and emotionally and have the right working conditions will do their jobs well. This will also benefit our citizens and society at large.

The Swedish Police Union organises more than 96 percent of all active duty police officers in Sweden. The issues we work with include work environment, training, education and skills enhancement. We continually lobby decision-makers and politicians concerning matters of vital interest to our members.

Our most important issues


The Swedish Police Union is working actively to ensure that members are given salary increases equal to those in the rest of the labour market. All members shall be paid salaries that are correctly adjusted with consideration given to their skills and the difficulty of their duties and authority, and the risks and responsibility associated with their tasks.


Having a job that one enjoys and takes satisfaction in is essential to a fulfilling life. All members should have equal conditions allowing them to do a good job. The Swedish Police Union is working to draw attention to differences and to promote equality and eliminate discrimination.

Work environment

Well-educated and secure police officers do a good job. The Swedish Police Union works to prevent and counteract risks for police officers and to minimise risks of injury to persons in situations where the police intervene. Efforts are based on co-operation between the employer and employees. Elected safety representatives play a key role in promoting the interests of our members concerning work environment.

Working hours

Police officers must have reasonable working hours, shifts of the appropriate duration and periods of rest between shifts. Police officers must have the right to a social life and be able to stay in the profession for a long time. That is why it is important that goals for the police service are not set higher than what can be achieved with the resources given.

Legal aid

Police officers are sometimes the object of complaints or enquiries. When that occurs, we assist with support, counsel and competent legal assistance.

Union education

It is important to provide knowledge to elected union representatives and others interested in union issues in order to properly defend the rights of our members in relation to the employer. The Swedish Police Union gives a number of courses on union issues.

International co-operation

As a result of Sweden’s entry into the EU, many decisions that affect the police profession are now taken at the European level. The Swedish Police Union co-operates internationally through the Nordic Police Federation and EuroCOP in order to have an influence at the European level.


Some police officers wish to retire before the age of 65. The Swedish Police Union is working to create opportunities of early retirement and a supplementary pension in addition to the standard public pension.